Hunting with dogs


Dogs can travel long distances on the road when hunters move between provinces or communities. If they go to more than one hunt in a row, the dogs spend the night in trailers and vans.

The community regulation establishes that the owner of pets may be accompanied by a maximum of 5 animals, except in certain exceptions, among which participation in a sporting activity is included, a consideration that rehalas enjoy. On this new assumption a limit number of dogs that can be transported is not specified.

When the trailers open, the dogs jump out hastily, stepping on each other and overexcited. In each one, more than thirty animals can go, sometimes with the chains around their necks directly without a collar, which could cause misfortune in the event of a collision or accident.

In this area, the state regulations only specify that the vehicles must be correctly registered, and that it must be possible to prove the disinfection of the trailer in the 48 hours following the loading of the dogs. It does not establish rest times for journeys, the obligation to have enough water or food, or any type of measure in relation to ventilation.