Hunting with dogs


During the investigation, a hatchery was visited in which the materials of the spaces were consumed by rust, had holes in the metal plates, iron and sharp edges in their spaces. We observed bad water in the drinkers, pieces of stale bread directly on the droppings, and careless handling of the pups.

In order for the dogs to fulfill their function within the pack, specific characteristics are sought in them that are usually obtained by breeding certain breeds and outstanding individuals. This selective crossing favors the development of congenital diseases, which can considerably reduce the life expectancy of the animals. Indiscriminate breeding also increases the cases of abandonment of unwanted litters.

Within the pack, dogs can fulfill different functions that primarily pursue three purposes: finding the victims, forcing them to move towards the posts and being able to confront them and immobilize them. Some of the most used breeds are hounds, the griffon or the bloodhound for their sense of smell and speed; the Spanish alano, the Argentine bulldog, the mastiff and others, for their strength, along with a variety of crosses.

Legally, there is no minimum age at which puppies can start hunting, so both this and the moment of their removal depend on the criteria of their owner.